Friday, July 31, 2009

Christianity After Marriage

I thought, as many probably do, that my spiritual life would improve after I got married. I assumed that I would be more responsible, that I would know what needed to be changed and I would change it. Life, however, does not work that way.

While there are thousands of new experiences in marriage, one of them is not the sudden and instantaneous revival of spiritual fervor. God works in my life just like He always has, one day at a time. Minute by minute, as I look to Him and His Word to guide my footsteps, He does just that. If I choose not to dwell on thoughts of Him or to read His Word and look for that guidance, well, as you would expect, He doesn't give it.

God uses the Bible to speak to us. That's His plan. If we don't like it, we don't hear from Him. I'm finding that out the hard way. Over the past few days, I've decided that my relationship with God is more important than I've been treating it. I need to return to the Word as my source of spiritual nourishment. And after I get my spiritual life back on track....then comes the marriage.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Democrats Try to Send Our Food Costs Through the Roof

I'm not much of a political activist, but I do get riled up about one thing--the loss of our freedom. When pure democracy falls to socialism, our country is in for a treat.

I read today on google news that the democrats were pushing for the FDA to have stricter laws concerning commercial food production. While I don't think it's a bad thing to have the food that we eat be free from harmful bacteria and viruses, I don't think the FDA should have the right to enforce that opinion.
"Americans are dying because the Food and Drug Administration does not have authority to protect them, and American producers and agriculture are being hurt."
-Dem. Rep. John D. Dingell
Americans may be dying because of the food they eat, but it's not the fault of the FDA. There is no way that an organization could police that kind of idea. Even if they could FDA Requirementspolice the entire food industry, the cost would be crippling to the average American. Costs of regular food items will go through the roof because of the restrictions the FDA will put on food producers (e.g. farmers and local restaurants). If we as citizens don't begin to fight for the right to be free, we will lose all of our freedoms. The will be sniped right from under our noses while we chant "Clean air, healthy food, free health care!"

Right now it's our food that is being quietly taxed to "keep us healthy." What we don't realize is that our freedoms are actually being taken away in the name of "taking care of the people." What's next? It won't be long before we lost our freedom of speech completely. The hate crimes law is already a serious encroachment on our 1st amendment rights. If I speak out against the lifestyle of someone else, no matter how evil their lifestyle, I can be either fined or imprisoned for my speech. This is a serious matter. Pretty soon, if we say anything to anyone that they don't like, we'll be in serious danger of legal action.

I can't force anyone to do anything, but I will make a plea to my fellow Americans who value their freedom and the price that is continually paid for it with the blood of our countrymen. Call your senators and representatives. Tell them to stop taking away our freedoms. Explain to them which laws are taking away our rights, and ask them to vote against them. Your voice can be heard!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Call for Discipleship

God has given us as His children a great responsibility to make disciples of all nations. This responsibility, though it includes evangelization, includes growth as the corporate body of Christ as well as growth on a personal level for each individual member of the body. God designed His body to work in such a way that each member is a part of the whole and has a responsibility to the other members to make them more useful to the body. In the end, we are all to image Christ. We are a picture of Him. And so, as such, we are to individually disciple one another to become more like Jesus Christ.

This personal discipleship model goes far beyond just having a good time together as believers in Christ. This is an intimate relationship between members of the body in which edification, exhortation, and accountability occur. We are to be building up each of our brothers and sisters in Christ in such a way that because of our contact with them they are more like the master.

This is were biblical counseling joins the fray. God has given each of us the knowledge we need, from both His Word and His Holy Spirit indwelling and controlling us, for all things spiritual in this life. We have everything we need to be godly at our disposal.

I have made this page for the specific purpose of helping other believers who want to fulfill their role in personal discipleship. There is a plethura of resources available both in book form and on the internet to help us better understand and apply God's Word to everyday circumstances. May God bless you as you study and use these resources to spur others on to be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.